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Using Shirey Farms as a custom farm operator allows a farmer or landowner to be engaged in his or her farm operation without large equipment overhead costs.  The farmer or landowner makes the agronomic, input and marketing decisions as it best fits their farm.  The client pays a rate per acre for each farming operation requested to be completed.  At Shirey Farms we have an up-to-date tillage, planting and harvesting fleet along with the latest technology to meet your corn, soybean, wheat and cover crop needs.


At Shirey Farms we are ready to serve your trucking needs and deliver your product safely and efficiently. 

With our experience, equipment and the commitment to drive your business forward, Shirey Farms Trucking services has you covered.


When it comes to clearing your land or your lot, no one beats our trustworthy and reliable excavation team.

When you have a new construction project, we're the ones to call to clear the path. We can handle small fields, large areas, and everything in between.


If you’re running out of storage and aren’t ready to send grain to the elevator, knowing what options are available to us is important. 

Please give us a call today to talk through our options for grain storage! 

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